How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?

It is an offence to tattoo anyone under the age of 18. 

I.D will be requested if you appear to be under 25 years of age.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. We are a private custom studio so do not facilitate walk in's. Our artists are booked in advance and take time on their designs for clients to make each piece of art unique. On a rare occasion where we have cancellations, it will be announced on our social media pages and the artist will post their available designs.

How do I book an appointment?

You can make enquiries for bookings via our Facebook Page, Instagram, email, or by popping down to the studio. Please include as much information in your enquiry as possible. Including size roughly in inches, location on the body, colour or black and grey, preferred style and attach reference images if applicable. Our artists manage their own diaries so once this information is retained by us, we can allocate and put you in touch with the right artist for your requirements.


Do I need to book a consultation?

Most of the time, all communication can be completed over messenger/email.

You're more than welcome to pop into the studio at any time to talk to the studio manager. However we do recommend booking a consultation. That way the artist can take time discussing ideas with you. We do understand that it may be difficult to get to the studio if you're far away so we will do our best to accommodate you via other means of communication.

How much will my tattoo cost?

We always try to give an accurate price at the time of booking but if having larger pieces, for example, a sleeve, this can be impossible to price and will require multiple sessions.

Do you do cover ups?

Yes we do! All of our artists are accomplished in cover ups. We also do reworks, so if you'd like to breathe some life into an old tattoo, please contact us.

Do you offer Piercings?

We don't have a body piercer at the studio but feel free to contact us for our personal recommendations.

Do you require a booking fee?

Yes. A £100 booking fee is required for all day sittings, £50 for a 4 hour session or £30 for 1-3 hours. The fee is required to hold your appointment and shows a commitment from yourself. Once a booking fee has been paid, your appointment will be confirmed in our system. The booking fee is none refundble. It is then deducted from the total on the day of your appointment.

Does having a tattoo hurt?

Yes. Anyone that says it doesn't is telling fibs but it is tolerable which is why people always come back for more. Remember, everybody processes and deals with pain differently. You won't know until you try :)

What are your rates?

Hourly rates vary between artists and are dependant on experience. Junior Artist rates are £40 per hour and £200 a day. Artists making the transition from Junior are £50 per hour and £250 a day. Seniors artists are £60-£70 per hour and £300-£350 for a day sitting. Artists also can quote per piece. The minimum studio charge is £30.

Can I bring a friend?

Please arrive to your appointment alone as we try to maintain social distancing between stations. Carer's are welcome to attend your appointment with you.

Will I see my design before?

Yes. Artists work in order of who's booked in. They aim to show you your design a few days before appointment. You can make any changes you wish to at this time.

What should I do before my tattoo appointment?

Have a good nights rest, have a good meal and refrain from drinking alcohol.

Should I bring anything?

Your artists will be all ready for you so just bring yourself. Tea and coffee is provided but feel free to bring your own drinks. Bringing some snacks is a good idea to keep up your energy levels. Some people like to download games to play on their phone to pass the time. If fortunate to look under 25, bring I.D. as it will be requested.

How can I pay?

We accept cash in the studio or bank transfer/PayPal prior to your appointment. 

We also have a card machine for senior artist, Dan.

Any questions, please contact us:

01827 902113